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I’m a serpent and I often wonder which warp to take to reach a given area from a given area. This plugin addresses the problem with a warp database which may be looked up for such assistance. Have a look at the available aliases to interact with it. I’ll add the ability to work with ATCP/GMCP information, warps in the wilderness and open some possibility to work with a mapper in later versions.

This plugin is written in Python, please see this page to setup Python on your computer.

The following aliases are available:

Alias Description
WarpDB:sources Check for warps in your area and add them to database
WarpDB:endpoints Display a list of all areas you can reach from your location
WarpDB:endpoints <area name> Display a list of all areas you can reach from the specified area
WarpDB:toarea <area name> Check for warps leading to the specified area from your location
WarpDB:export [<area name>] Export all warps optionally specifying an area
WarpDB:import Import a list of warps exported by the above alias
WarpDB:orphans Display a list of outgoing warps from your location who’s destination area is not in the database

The plugin will ask you for a file location on first load, just point it wherever you want your database file to be created. If you get “OperationalError: database is locked” error while trying to add an entry, please delete the .journal file wherever you have your database file to resolve the issue.

The aliases are not case sensitive, you could probably make your own aliases and Execute() these to make it shorter.

Please message me in-game for feedbacks and comments! Enjoy!


The database is initially empty and has to be populated with warps from within the game. If you’re a skilled enough serpent with the ablity to list all warps in the local area (SOURCES), just collect warps like this:


Having a list of warps in one area is not very useful. Enter any warp and collect with warpdb:sources there as well. Then you can list the connected areas with:


The above will only show areas the database actually knows about, to see warps leading to areas not yet in the database, try:


Enter those warps and collect warps from the destination areas to complete the database.

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